Film & Animation

The Engagement

This is a pixel reenactment of my proposal to my wife created entirely in Photoshop as a project for one of my animation classes.

Black Hole Face Man Loses His Tea

Oh, bother. This hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation required nearly 200 drawings for only 8 seconds of footage.

Mankato Marathon Introduction

This was created pro bono as an introduction for the Mankato Marathon’s promotional videos and was used for many years. The animation had to transition cleanly into the the already-designed logo.

Ben and Mike at Formal

Ben and Mike at Formal was played at the beginning of a formal dance and ended up being the most awkward two minutes of all of our lives. Enjoy!


My wife donated her time and face to this stop-motion animation about the horrors of out-of-control makeup.

Ethan’s Rap

This acapella song was serendipitously captured on my phone one evening with no intention behind it. It ended up being the perfect animation companion, as you can see below.

Written on November 30, 2014