8-Bit Kit

Dynoland rendered image

In 2015, I had the great honor of illustrating a back-up comic for Welcome to Showside #3, a series created by the incredibly talented Ian McGinty. I was tasked with creating a comic in an 8-bit old school video game style, referencing games like Q*bert and Pac-Man. I had a great time working on it! I still remember picking up my copy at a local comic shop.

Like many comics nowadays, after the main plot story is done, you are treated to some lovely back-up comics. In this issue there are quite a few; most notably “What’s In the Box?” by Kate Leth (McGinty’s partner on Bravest Warriors and founder of the female comic retail organization, The Valkyries) and a lovely Little Nemo referential story by Fred Stresing and Michael Knepprath called “8-Bit Kit”. – The Geek Initiative
Stresing also writes a backup drawn by Meg Casey starring Baked Beans, the designated Greek chorus/exposition man of Welcome to Showside, as he makes a documentary film about the town along with an 8-bit Kit story stuffed with video game references drawn by Michael Knepprath. – PopOptiq