Become More Effective On Twitter with Buffer

I ran into a problem recently. I would read a bunch of posts and share them all on Twitter right away. My followers would get inundated with updates, and usually not at a time that was ideal for them. How was I to continue sharing all of my discoveries without losing all of my followers?

Buffer had the answer.

Buffer allows you to create a schedule for your tweets, spreading them out so that your posts are consistent, but not overwhelming. Here’s how to make the most of Buffer:

  1. Install the Buffer extensions and apps. You need these if you want to take full advantage of Buffer. I use the Chrome extension, which puts Buffer at the top of the browser at all times, and also integrates a Buffer button into Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and many more websites.
  2. Keep your Buffer queue full. Whenever you find anything you want to tweet, click Buffer. A window will open where you can tweak the post that is automatically generated. Once you’ve perfected the post, click Add to Buffer.
  3. Reorder tweets & tweak settings. When you visit Buffer’s website, you will be taken to your dashboard. Here you are able to see all of your tweets and what times they are scheduled to go live. You’re able to switch the order, edit the posts, and edit the default schedule. As you use Buffer more, you’ll begin to discover which times are the most effective and which ones may need to be changed. The default schedule was calculated to be the most ideal for everyone, not necessarily for your audience.

If you plan on using this tool, I recommend that you follow this link and sign up. This will give us both a referral bonus of one extra space in our queues.

What tools do you currently use to manage your tweets, if any? I’d love to hear about them and try them out!