The hosts of Culturally Irrelevant.

Building a Culturally Irrelevant Recommendation Board

For a few years, I was the honorary producer and infrequent guest of a podcast called Culturally Irrelevant. In it, four friends each picked a movie, video game, book... anything overlooked by pop culture at large to share and discuss.

Tyler Driscoll
Born in the cold of Michigan and shown Star Wars by his father; Tyler developed into a full-blown nerd. Star Wars, Marvel, and cinema galore. I'm Tyler.

Ben Lundsten
A father of two future superheroes and a victim of male pattern baldness. His specialties are Halo 1 and films you've never heard of.

Josh Wierschke
Your friendly neighborhood Josh has been reading comics since before he could… well, read. But this nerd won't be put in a box.

Dane Christenson
An unapologetic Sega fanboy from WI who always roots for the underdog, making him the most irrelevant of the bunch. P.S. Stanley Kubrick.

— Excerpts taken from the old Culturally Irrelevant website.

Tyler, Ben, Josh, Dane and myself were friends since college and bonded over our love for film, theater, and media in general. The podcast was a way for us to continue those conversations that were harder to come by now that we were out of school.

Ben: “This is the point of the whole show. We're trying to draw things out of ambiguity. And it's going to be anything, it might be video games. Hey, we're going to bring a video game to the table! Tyler's got one and on the level of ambiguity, it's, you know, you've heard of it. But you might not have played it. And there's some that Dane will bring and it's going to be from the depths of like...”

Dane: “Oh, you have no idea. You have no idea what I've got to bring.”

— Episode #1 - I Gotta Go Back To Wisconsin (March 6, 2015)

The podcast ended its run after 42 episodes and 166+ recommendations on December 6, 2018. Not long after, the domain expired, and the podcast was lost to the internet.

On a personal note, I will be revisiting Culturally Irrelevant for the rest of my life. It was a joy to listen to and there are dozens of recommendations that I still plan on checking out. Last week, I put on Big Dreams, Small Spaces, a British gardening show recommended by Ben in episode 41. I'd never watched it before, but I found it fun and relaxing. If not for the podcast, I never would have heard of it, let alone watched it.

Beyond the recommendations, it was a thrill to listen to the hosts cheer each other on when they brought interesting and exciting topics or rib each other about which of their topics was the most relevant.

The hosts poured their hearts and souls into this show, even going so far as to chat the creators of some of the things they brought including an hour-long interview with the Georgia Rae Family Band. This podcast was special.

In April of 2020, Dane died in a car accident.

While the podcast was a relatively minor achievement in his life, it was one of my favorite projects of his. It showcased many of his favorite things. He talked about film, books and video games. He talked about family and faith.

I decided that, at least for myself, I had to preserve the podcast.

Preserving the Podcast

After discussing it with the hosts, it became clear to me that I could do more than republish the episodes. The goal of the podcast was to shine a light on media most had missed. Instead of having that end with the podcast, I thought it'd be cool to expand its scope by creating a website where anyone can submit their own overlooked recommendations.

I simultaneously relistened to the entire podcast, collected audio clips (one for each recommendation, plus more), and built the website.

Podcast recommendations in Airtable.

I used Overcast's clip sharing feature to collect over 400 clips and uploaded them all to Airtable. I was then able to use Vercel's SWR data fetching library to pull all of that data into the website.

import useSWR from "swr";
import fetch from "isomorphic-unfetch";

function fetcher(...args) {
  return fetch(...args).then((response) => response.json());

export default function Home() {
  const { data: recommendations, error } = useSWR(

The Recommendation Board

Big things have small beginnings. The website started as a simple list of recommendations laid out with CSS grid.

The first iteration of the Culturally Irrelevant website that includes the tagline: For learning, teaching, sharing and remembering.

While the tagline above is not in the current iteration of the website, I still appreciate the idea behind it. My thinking was that each word would represent each host of the show.

Tyler: “What do you want from this podcast, and what are you putting into it, and what are you expecting from it?”

Josh: “It's less of me trying to bestow knowledge upon the masses. I want this to be a learning experience for me, too. I want to hear about stuff I've never heard of from you guys, and I hope that our 3+ listeners feel the same way. That's it for me. I want to broaden my horizons more than I've done already.”

Dane: “Well, I guess for me, I've always been someone to root for the underdog. Perfect example, I grew up a Sega fanboy. I've always naturally been drawn to the lesser-known things that aren't quite as popular. I feel that, yes, this is me bestowing my intelligence that I've gained of these different things. To me, it's about spreading that, because I feel that these things deserve attention.”

Ben: “For me, the real catalyst moments are when I find a film I would've never heard of, when someone in passing who has weird taste is like 'dude, watch this.' Hopefully, I can turn one person on to something that they've never heard of. It just opens a portal for people, and that's what I want this to be. I want it to be a portal that you can take down to a whole new world of holy-crap-awesomeness.”

Tyler: “I mean, this is an idea I've had for many different things, like a podcast with Dane before, or doing a blog. What pushed me into being nerdy about stuff was, really, my dad sitting me down with these movies that he loved. To me, this has been a lifelong experience. This has been something that's been building since I was a little kid. For me, this is an expression of who I am as a human being. I'm excited.”

— Episode #1 - I Gotta Go Back To Wisconsin (March 6, 2015)

Styling the Board

One issue became immediately obvious, that being the inability to tell the difference between recommendations made on the podcast and visitor-submitted ones. I quickly iterated on the styles, adding color to try to distinguish between them. I wanted to make it bold and fun, true to the podcast.

The Culturally Irrelevant website with styles.

I used transforms and shadows to replicate the podcast logo on hover.

Card with audio element.

Audio Clips

I was excited to discover that embedding the Overcast audio clips I'd created would be fairly simple. Airtable returns a bunch of useful data for each uploaded file:

  "id": "att1j2FFkw015fbJU",
  "url": "",
  "filename": "tyler-driscoll-grim-fandango.mp3",
  "size": 455726,
  "type": "audio/mpeg"

I placed that URL in an audio element, and that was that.

Submitting Recommendations

Next up, I needed to set up a way for visitors to submit their recommendations. I created an API route for posting to Airtable and hooked it up to a Formik form that I placed in a Reach UI dialog. I don't typically lean so heavily on libraries, but I was moving fast and these got the job done.

Dark Mode

I felt obligated to add dark mode to this site, and I didn't want it to be an afterthought. Suffice it to say, I didn't simply invert some colors.

I also made sure to respect visitors' system-level settings. If your phone or computer is set to dark mode, the website will follow suit.

Lazy Loading

Initially, I was displaying all of the recommendations on page load. It wasn't that bad until I had all of the audio clips uploaded, at which point I was making visitors immediately download over a hundred audio clips.

My first thought was that I should paginate Airtable's response - that is, fetch a limited amount until explicitly asked to fetch more. It took me a while to realize that this solution was unnecessarily complicated. Airtable's response wasn't that large - the issue occurred when the website would read the audio URLs and load them all in at once. Instead of limited the data I was getting, I could instead limit how much of that data I was displaying on the page.

I now display 16 recommendations on page load, then add 32 more each time a visitor clicks the new Load More button.

The Load More button.

Loading Indicators

The podcast had a lot of fun tangents and in-jokes, including a long-running thread about carrier pigeons and another about Dane's love for LaserDisc. I added loading indicators that referenced these - a random one is displayed each time.

The last major feature I added was a search bar. This felt magical, as it had never been this easy to see all of the podcast recommendations from a specific year or medium.

The filter function I wrote to do this is not magic - but I had a lot of fun writing it.

The search bar.

And That's Not All

Please visit the website for the full experience, including features like The Irrelevant Mixtape - a randomized “Best Of” playlist that includes recommendations and other fun bits. If you have a lesser-known movie, video game, comic book, television show, book, board game, artist, podcast, miniseries, band, etc, that you'd like to share, visit Culturally Irrelevant and do so!

Dane: “It seems like some things you either fall into, you just slowly realize you love it the more and more you get into it, whereas in other things there's one key thing where it's like 'I saw this movie' or 'I listened to this record' or whatever it may be 'and from that point on my life was changed.' I also had one of those moments and it was actually around the time I was in high school. For me, it was 2001: A Space Odyssey that completely switched me over.”

— Episode #5 - Musical Interludes (June 5, 2015)

A Culturally Irrelevant mug.