Pokéfy Your Skype

If you use Skype on a regular basis, you get used to the constant bleeps and bloops it emits when people log in or out, send messages to you, send you files, etc. I discovered yesterday (due to a prank) that you can actually set voice messages for each of these things, so I’ve put together a new Pokémon-themed Notifications scheme!

Event:Speak text:
When I Sign InGotta catch ‘em all!
When I Sign OutMichael is out of usable Pokémon! Michael blacked out!
Contact Becomes AvailableWild “@” appeared!
Contact Becomes Unavailable“@” fainted.
First Message in Conversation“@” wants to battle!
New Message in Current Conversation“@” used TACKLE!
Contact Request ReceivedMichael used POKéBALL!
Contacts ReceivedGotcha! “@” was caught!
Incoming File Transfer“@” used FILE TRANSFER!
File Transfer CompletedIt’s super effective!
File Transfer FailedBut nothing happened!

Are you ready? A world of dreams and adventures with POKéMON awaits! Let’s go!