The Mistake of Being Meta

I was recently listening to a Top 40 radio station and realized something. I couldn't relate to any of the music. Why? Almost all of the songs were about life as a Top 40 artist. They sing about money, partying, clubbing, drinking and... their songs. Bridgit Mendler says it best, “I like your face, do you like my song?” Top 40 artists are not the only, or first, offenders, however.

Artists create films about film, paintings about painting, sculptures about sculpture, and so on. I believe that this is caused by a lack of diversity in education and interest. Think about it. If I train and spend all of my time becoming the most incredible painter in history, what will my paintings be about? Well, what subject am I now the most knowledgeable of? Painting. See the problem?

Keep in mind, there has been long and interesting history of art that has brought us to this point. But now we've reached it. Time to move on. (Those of you that are creating incredible work that just so happens to be meta, keep it up. This is for everyone else.)